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Established in 1942 in Turin, AROMITALIA is consolidated from generation to generation thanks to the common culture and constant pursuit excellent. AROMITALIA invest a lot of time and effort in selecting the finest raw materials, mixing them with care without losing the essence, putting ingredients together to enhance their flavours, slowly and progressively to fix in a recipe this delicate new balance.  AROMITALIA like to say, and are proud to do it, that our products are created starting from fruit, strawberries, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine kernals and cocoa.  From all these ingredients we carefully choose the highest quality and best types.  AROMITALIA have worked in this way for over 70 years maintaining relations with our trusted suppliers for decades and sharing with them our interest in the quality of our mutual products. Keeping the old recipes and quality of Italian gelato, passing on our accumulated “know how” is the promise and agreement we make with our customers.


Silent and determined, like the city of Turin, Aromitalia and it’s Italian-style ice cream have for over half a century aroused the interest, respect and esteem of ice cream makers worldwide.  Aware of the difficulties of an ancient craft, where the ice cream maker earns success with dedication to the quality of the ice cream sold, Aromitalia has always sought to produce products which are delicately balanced between ease of use and scrupulous attention to the experience of consumption of gelato made in Italy.  

Aromitalia over time has continually brought innovative products to the market.  This has been achieved by laboriously searching for the finest combinations of raw materials and skillfully putting them together following fruitful collaboration directly with ice cream makers.   It is precisely in the foreign markets, where customers receive less help, that the Aromitalia philosophy towards the ice cream makers to help them in the culture and business of Italian ice cream has had clear results.

The Queen of bases milk since 1976

At the heart of a good gelato there is always an excellent base. The range of DPO Bases (DoppiaPanna Olandese), after the great success with customers, has been enhanced with new versions to meet the new requirements of the gelato makers: traditional bases with 0% trans fats, bases with only dairy ingredients, bases with no hydrogenated fats have been joined to a new series of AROMATICALLY NEUTRAL bases. A complete range which goes from Master 50 Bases, where the gelato maker can express all his professional skills to build and properly balance their basic mixtures, to the Premium 165 bases to which it is only necessary to add sugar and whole milk liquid to achieve a perfectly balanced base mix.

At the base of the  FRUIT

The soul of the true gelato is represented by a full range of bases for sorbet, derived from the popular DBF SUPER 100 (DoppiaBase Frutta), born in 1979. In addition to historical formulas there are now available bases with recipes containing 0% trans fats0% trans fats and no hydrogenated fats. A complete range that goes from bases Master 50, where the Master ice cream maker has to express all his professional skill to properly compose his own blend fruit base, to the bases DBF Premium 200, for which you only need to add sugar and water and/or fruit to get a sorbet perfectly balanced. Everyone can find their own space of freedom to customize their Base mixture, which is essential for a perfect fruit gelato.

Gelato Bases are powdered products constituting the indispensable ally in your daily work in the laboratory and the basic ingredient to arrange your Gelato display case. The number shown with the product name indicates the quantity of powder (in grams) that you need to add to 1 litre of milk or water to obtain the base mix. The higher the number, the greater the content of functional ingredients such as proteins, reducing sugars, fats and fibres to obtain a structured and creamy Gelato while enhancing the aromas of the different flavours.

Integrators provide you with all you need to enhance the structure of Gelato and customise the final result. You can add them to the white base and to fruit gelato mixes and sorbets..

AROMITALIA focuses on the sharing of corporate objectives among all employees, frequently organizes meetings to discuss the ongoing projects and future challenges to foster a spirit of cooperation and commitment. We support the new generations with a program of internships, which in many cases has led young girls and boys to be included in the company after a period of training. 

About 80 years at Aromitalia, Gelato has been a family passion that has gotten stronger generation after generation, in a constant search for excellece. The Turin-based company is committed to selecting the best raw materials, mixing them, and using them without losing their aroma, blending them to make the most of their complementary characteristics, all coming together in a recipe having a new, delicate balance. Products, developed in starting fruits, strawberry, hazelnut, pistachio, blueberry, raspberry, and cocoa, carefully choosing the best qualities and types, in an admirable blend of tration and innovation. Aromitalia has built decades-long relationships of trust with its suppliers, working together to seek out the best quality. And it has always had a pack with its customers ass preserve traditional Italian Gelato reipes and quality, continuing in this business to preserve the know-how. The recipes are developed in collaboration with gelato artisants, whose practical and techniical needs the company knoows well, in harmony with the constantly evloving demands of the market.


And it is in international markets where Aromitalia has truly focused on professional artisans, assisting them step by step as they discover the culture of Italian Gelato.

MENMOT is the leading importing company in F&B, located in Hanoi, Vietnam since 2015 (PAFO), renamed to MENMOT since 2023.

MENMOT is the exclusive distributor of RUBICONE for Italian Gelato ingredients in Vietnam since 2016. MENMOT is proud of supplying Gelato ingredients and consulting the solutions to build the professional Gelato and coffee shops over the country.

MENMOT established with perfect passion of Italian food as Café has Espresso, coffee milkshake, traditional coffee, especially made Gelato everyday, always new and very delicious, focusing on importing, distributing, representing for the brands and selling the high-quanlity products in the F&B industry.

With leading experts in the industry, Menmot is bringing the best choices to customers on the way to building a successful Italian ice cream and coffee brand in Vietnam. Besides, Menmot also provides quality products, high-class equipment and machinery for restaurant system, coffee chain, and ice cream systems.

Not only working with retail customers, we are now a partner of many large hotel and restaurant chains across the country. Menmot always search more potential partners over the wolrd.

Menmot's Boss has ever been and lived in Italy and some countries in the world to study and accumulate experience, after many years in the field of importing, setting up restaurants, he decided open private restaurant with Italian and Greek friends in Vietnam since 2018.

Menmot’s partners as …. Rubicone, Laspaziale, Camardo, Innova Italia, Gelatec, Techfrost…

A company is like a family, if the father holds up, he holds up the whole family.

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