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INNOVA ITALIA is one of the best manufacturers of gelato machines in Italia since 1978 with luxury gelato machines or hand made 100% Italia over the world. A series designed in the name of technology: INNOVA is a modern and dynamic reality that has been operating in the ice cream machines industry for years.

With models of Movi 30, Movi 30 Plus, Movi 60 , Movi 60 Plus, Movi 100, Movi 100 Plus, Movimix 30, Movimix 60, Movimix 100… that they are famous and luxury line in the gelato industries now.

Strongly oriented towards the search for new constructive solutions, INNOVA adds continuity to the evolution and development of every model thanks to a team driven by precise objectives. The first and most important one is the desire to place the customer and his expectations at center stage by offering professional, safe, easy to use, flexible, durable, efficient and top quality machines.

Innova’s Movì is the electronic horizontal professional batch freezer of the latest generation: a functional, practical, robust and reliable work tool. Innova’s patented blade ensures absolute hygiene inside the cylinder, a perfect creamy mixture and complete extraction of the ice cream at the end of each work cycle. Movì is equipped with highly efficient motors to ensure the lowest amount of energy consumption in full respect of the environment.

Energy savings. The combined use of 2 inverters, to control the consumption of electrical energy, and of a highly energy efficient class IE2 gear motor for a direct transmission of motion, ensures considerable energy savings.

Time savings.  Fast batch freezing cycle, only 7 minutes for a perfect gelato. Fast cleaning and sanitizing thanks to the simple release system of the blade with the female coupling that leaves the cylinder hermetically sealed for a perfect cleaning.

Safety. The Remote Control System (RCS) directly connects the machine to Innova’s service network, which can view the settings of the functions in real time and thus provide a targeted solution to your issues.

Tranquility.  Innova is reliable like no other, the first and only to offer a 5-year warranty on all artisanal ice cream machines. The Plus Program is the exclusive voucher plan conceived to protect your Innova ice cream machine in case of any need of maintenance.

The A+ batch freezers, the A+ multifunction and the A+ pasteurizers are the latest generation of ice cream machines that use the A+ system made by INNOVA, thanks to the use of inverters in cooling management.

MovìMix is a small, complete and multifunctional production lab that performs two essential ice cream production operations: pasteurization and batch freezing. MovìMix allows ice cream makers to customize each flavor of ice cream based on their own experience and to manage the amount that needs to be produced: the elevated hourly production, the optimal cooling capacity and the energy savings make MovìMix the ideal system for professional needs.

Flù is a professional pasteurizer for the production of artisanal ice cream: it combines ease of use to high performance and state of the art technologies. 

Slim is the counter-top line for the production of soft ice cream. It is compact and small, but with a high level of hourly production. The stainless steel aisi 304 structure, the two highly efficient cooling systems and the electronic control of all functions ensure reliability and savings. Slim is available in two versions, gravity and pump, to ensure the preparation of a soft ice cream thanks to its optimal, compact, slim and light features. 

Miss is the electronic floor machine for soft and frozen yogurt. It is designed with two highly efficient cooling systems that independently manage ice cream production and preservation inside the tank, thus optimizing performance and significantly reducing the energy consumption costs. 

Production 100% Made in Italy.  Miss is made by Innova in Bergamo, Italia which only uses the highest quality materials. The attention to detail is expressed in a solid and resistant product.

QUALITY AT 360°: Choosing INNOVA means adding value to your business by improving the quality of the product and by achieving the best results in terms of profit.

INNOVA’s ice cream machines ensure an elevated hourly production with reduced levels of consumption to allow you to achieve energy savings, to reduce the need for maintenance and to be more environmentally sustainable.

MENMOT is the leading importing company in F&B, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Menmot's owner bought Phu An food company established since 2015 (PAFO), renamed to MENMOT since 2023.
MENMOT is still the exclusive distributor of RUBICONE for Italian Gelato ingredients in Vietnam since 2016 until now. MENMOT is proud of supplying Gelato ingredients and consulting the solutions to build the professional Gelato and coffee shops over the country and Laos and Cambodia.
MENMOT established with perfect passion of Italian food as Café has Espresso, coffee milkshake, traditional coffee, specially made Gelato every day, always new and very delicious, focusing on importing, distributing, representing for the brands and selling the high-quality products in the F&B industry.
With leading experts in the industry, Menmot is bringing the best choices to customers on the way to building a successful Italian ice cream and coffee brand in Vietnam. Besides, Menmot also provides quality products, high-class equipment and machinery for restaurant system, coffee chain, and ice cream systems.
Not only working with retail customers, but we are also now a partner of many large hotel and restaurant chains across the country. Menmot always search more potential partners over the world.
Menmot's Boss has ever been and lived in Italy and some countries in the world to study and accumulate experience, after many years in the field of importing, setting up restaurants, he decided open private restaurant with Italian and Greek friends in Vietnam since 2018.
Menmot is finding more Italian partners about producing bakery ingredients and equipment for Vietnam market in the coming years…
A company is like a family, if the father holds up, he holds up the whole family.
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